"My skin and hair shine thanks to LIFEGuard."

- JANICE, Atlanta, GA


"For the 20 years I've relied on LIFEGuard Antioxidant for general health and for every kind of reaction to pollen, cat dander and chemical irritants. Coughing, sneezing,itchy eyes and runny nose clear up in 5 minutes or less. As a professional speaker and trainer, I take LIFEGuard daily to stay well and carry it with me to use as needed. For example, I would often enter a hotel room and react to the cleaning chemicals they used or perfumes people were wearing. Two LIFEGuard and I am fine again. I carry it with me everywhere!"

- Aila A.


"As a teacher I am around many people every day and I rely on LIFEGuard Antioxidant to help keep me healthy and well."

- Marnee R.


"My family and I have been using LIFEGuard for the past 20 years. This is an amazing product that has helped to keep my family feeling good and stay healthy throughout the year."

- Stephanie S.


"I began using LIFEGuard Antioxidant in 1995 at the age of 37 as a preventative measure to support my overall health and protect my system from free radical damage. I have taken it religiously since that time and at the age of 61, I am on no prescription medications and my doctor compliments me on all of my bloodwork. Some may think I’m lucky, but I believe my continued good health is as a result of my use of LIFEGuard."

- Wendy M.


"I have enjoyed the benefits of LIFEGuard Advanced Antioxidant for 24 years!  Gone are those seasonal trips to the doctor for health issues in all this time! , I am confident that my body is receiving the utmost in protection with LIFEGuard giving me  a strong immune system, as I deal with the public with my job on a daily basis.  I am confident that any issues I encounter will be no match for the power of LGAA!  It is my "knock out punch" that allows me to age gracefully and most importantly of all - healthy!"

- Lynn M.


"In 1995 I was introduced to LIFEGuard. Prior to taking this powerful antioxidant my body was not strong enough to fight off the seasonal health issues I had. After a few months of taking LIFEGuard on a daily basis that was no longer the case. I have not experienced any health issues since. Health concerns are not part of my life anymore. Simply take LIFEGuard daily and enjoy the benefits."

- Joan S.


"I was first introduced to LIFEGuard Advanced Antioxidant in 1995 by a dear friend.  I didn’t know anything about free radicals and how I could benefit from an antioxidant, so I quickly educated myself.  The more I learned about the benefits of antioxidants and the more I investigated the product background, the more excited I got.  When I took my first LIFEGuard I felt immediate overall wellness.  I also noticed things like softer skin, healthier gums, shinier hair, etc.  Instead of talking about “side effects”, I was talking about “side benefits”.  I didn’t want to go a day without my LIFEGuard!  I truly feel that the LIFEGuard has enabled me to stay healthier over the last 25 years, and allowed me to live a full, happy and healthy life."

- Beth C.


"As the daughter of a doctor, I grew up with the best medical care possible but still suffered from annual health issues. I reluctantly began taking LIFEGuard 22 years ago & have not looked back!  I have never felt healthier! Amazing!"

- Judith S.


"LIFEGuard, as the name suggests, has been the guard of my health.  I have been taking it for over 20 years and have stayed in great health. I am a 68 year old General Contractor in the construction industry. As a business owner, it is important not to miss a day of work. And thanks to LIFEGuard many of the 30 and 40 year old guys have a hard time keeping up with me."

- Mike S.


"LIFEGuard has been literally a life-saver for me!! The first years of taking it; when  I felt that I was about to be under the weather, I could ward it off.  Dark spots and skin tags disappeared.  My face retained a healthy youthful appearance.

LIFEGuard is wonderful and it gives positive effects INSIDE my body and OUT.  I LOVE  LOVE LOVE IT."

- Brenda P.