LifeGuard Antioxidant Therapy

Strengthen Your Body's Defense System

Your body has internal enemies called free radicals, which are excess oxygen molecules that travel recklessly through your body ultimately causing destruction to your cells. Due to dietary deficiencies, U.S. Government studies indicate that 91% of all Americans may develop costly health problems. One of the tools to combat this issue is to use antioxidants. LIFEGuard helps you fight the attack of free radicals by giving you the antioxidant nutrients your body requires.

Defend Yourself with Starlight's LIFEGuard

LIFEGUARD is a unique synergistic blend of thirteen of the most powerful antioxidant nutrients, engineered to counteract free radical damage. Starlight's formula includes 100% or more of the daily value of powerful antioxidant nutrients including: Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc plus LIFEGuard is rich with pine bark, bilberry fruit and green tea extracts. Since 1994 LIFEGuard's proprietary formula has been one of the finest antioxidant formulations available.

Fight Free radical damage with LIFEGuard

It's protection for you and your family.

Please carefully read product label for instructions, cautions and warnings.